Anunnaki tomb and disconcerting truth…

Anunnaki tomb and disconcerting truth… Do you know which is the disconcerting truth? Well, now I will tell … Thousands of years ago, on the planet Earth, they went down the ancient travelers, it is defined as the human civilization today.Earth 360

“They” really are the Anunnaki, sent by the Messiah of their planet, Prince Ra. It is he who is the alien brother of Jesus Christ, it is the one that when dropped into the Earth invented and founded the ancient Egypt and all its history.Jesus of Nazareth, archaeologically and historically speaking.How on Earth did the famous true story of God with Jesus Christ, even on “their” planet there is was a true story parallel that between God and Ra? The crazy difference that there is between the Earth and been “their” planet is one that thousands of years ago, their planet was destroyed cars because of new nuclear technologies that they had discovered. Then Ra decided to bring all his race the next habitable planet, that is the Earth.

“Their” race was a giant breed, those that humans call today Anunnaki, and have had no difficulty in constructing the pyramids nor will all the megalithic structures of the time.

Well, you dear readers, their seed is due and originated by the ancient Egyptians, in this video made by my friend Brien Foerster, one sees very clearly how there are the tombs of the giant’s sarcophagi, the explanation is only one, the are the graves of the ancients! In the time of the ancient discoveries have been made crazy, pretty much everything that was invented by the ancient Egyptians, it has survived to the present day.

Certainly, after the advent of Jesus Christ, the human race has taken control of the territory, at least so say the history books. But in the meantime, “they” have evolved, they discovered other habitable worlds, they colonized other areas, and here that today find themselves with the advanced technologies, and humans are science fiction technology. Now that I have revealed you the stark reality, you have to understand one thing, that “they” continue and will continue to be among humans!