Proof of alien bases on Mars [Video]

Every day we, humans, have a possibility to observe a lot of mysteries. Because of very fast technological progress we can now do really impossible things.

It’s also worth saying that technological progress isn’t only beneficial to humanity but it made a lot of people lazier than they were.

But, if we take into account a role of technological progress for science – this role will be only positive. Development of science and technology helps us to observe a microcosm with its world of “crazy” tiny particles and macrocosm with its world of macroobjects (planets, stars, galaxies).

It’s worth adding that science nowadays is very well developed but still our world has full of mysteries remained unexplained.

One of the most intriguing mysteries for me is an existence of alien life. Do aliens exist? How do they look like? Do they hostile for humanity or they someday will try to conquer our world.

One of the most strange enigmas in our Solar System is our planet Mars. This is very interesting planets for observing because the Red planet as a lot of scientists claim had in the past rivers filled with water and thus could be habitable.

A lot of writers in their science-fiction books were trying to describe aliens as creatures from Mars. One of the most famous books is a book of H.G. Wells “The War Of The Worlds” where martian aliens were described.

So was that just a fantasy or there is or there was real aliens living on the Red planet? Did they build alien bases on Mars?

I’d never believe in such a possibility but this video proves that there is something very odd on Mars. As for me, it looks like alien bases. And what do you think?