Some fear the mighty god of lightning Thor; I fear the winds he brings with him.

All across the world, particular regions often defined by their natural characteristics play host to one of natures stranger displays of extreme natural forces. Tornadoes are a sight to behold; powerful winds form a vortex that staggers violently across landscapes and, when fueled by particularly powerful atmospheric conditions, have the potential to decimate entire regions. Such tornadoes can have a staggering impact, causing mass devastation and threatening potential loss of life.

While this phenomenon is not unique to any particular region, key toxicological and geographic features influence the likelihood that powerful self-perpetuation cyclones can form, and be sustained. As such, certain geographic regions hosting such as features as wide open flat regions are more prone to tornado events. The United States, for example, is the tornado capitol of the world.

Just south of the US-Mexico border, in the Mexican state of Chihuahua, a volatile mixture of conditions has resulted in a perfect tornado nursery. The clip above captures, in terrifying detail, just what an encounter with one of these deadly windstorms looks like. In it, the camera person manages to keep filming, as natures wrath is unleashed on the surrounding landscape.

The video, obtained by digital newspaper “La Opción de Chihuahua,” shows the cameraman filming what looks like nothing more than a strange cloud formation. Suddenly, the iconic swirl of a forming tornado can be seen, and the vortex begins forming. The cameraman, apparently unfazed and despite the danger, continues filming from a distance that would terrify most people.

It should be stressed, at this point, that tornadoes are extremely dangerous and should be treated very seriously. When a tornado advisory is in effect, people are advised to seek low lying areas to seek shelter. Avoid windows, glass, or any other dangerous objects or surfaces and above all, protect your head and neck as much as possible.

In the end, our cameraman was fine. He managed to stay calm and film a memorable event. However, the devastating power of these wind-powered monsters should not be taken lightly, the man in the video could have easily paid for it with his life. Still, after watching the clip, it’s easy to see how he could have become so entranced with his front row ticket to one of natures most awe inspiring displays.