NBC NEWS: By The End Of 2017 All Americans Will Receive A Microchip Implant!

Americans will receive a microchip implants by the end of 2017, NBC warns. With the help of these microchips authorities will be able to identify the person in matter of milliseconds.

According to NBC, this revolution will cause major concern, because people will ask themselves if they really are who they say they are.

Other people’s concern is that with this upgraded and revolutionized RFID microchip, the federal government will become even more influential, because they could see and monitor our every move. In some states like Virginia there is legislation process against this. The people from NBC are adamant in their claims that the production process of RFID Brain microchip is now over and it is being tested on humans at the moment.

The use of this microchip in Bill H.R. 4872 can be discovered on page 1014 titled National Medical Device Registry, which tells about an implantable Class II device.

The RFID microchip allows the government to see our motion, control our food and manage our money. Some experts even speculate that this incredibly small device can kill the person which carries it.

The HR 3962 bill is an exact copy of HR 3200 bill with the main difference being that some words regarding the RFID microchip are sidelined. The ability to implant microchip in every American is still a possibility and these claims cannot be taken lightly. Just look at the bill and read pages 1501 through 1510, and pay attention to Class II special controls guidance for FDA staff and then use your own judgement.

By healthfitpoint.com