The builders found an underground mausoleum built 10-12 thousand years ago, with three sarcophagi. The first five books made of the skin of animals.

Second with no analogue control system and psychophysical protection mausoleum. The third with the imperishable (sleeping) body of the greatest in the history of mankind spiritual Hierarchy, As it turned out, the person is not a mummy, and sleeps in a deep sleep anabiosis.

A person can wake up and make contact. Telepathic contact with it already installed, if people with bad intentions look at the sleeping man they may die. Later, it just happened.

Two out of three workers who entered the mausoleum, and that seems to have bad intentions, incomprehensible to the people around way died on the spot, and the third is in a deep coma and raves, said that they were attacked by a huge snake. Information about the place is kept in strict confidence. Point of books contain information not only about the culture and the past of the peoples of the earth, but also the technologies used by our ancestors. Not far from the location of the sarcophagi an underground city with lots of books has been found.

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