A majority of the world uses the internet daily, but they may not be aware of the complexity of the internet. The World Wide Web has more to it than meets the eye and consists of what is known as the surface web as well as sections known as the Deep Web and Dark Web.

This article will briefly explain the differences between the surface web and the deeper sections of the web as well as covering means to accessing them.

The Deep and Dark Web, How Far Does It Go?

If you liken the internet to an ocean, you can easily understand the concepts of the various sections of the internet. On the surface of the water, you have the basic web which most individuals utilize, these include Google, Facebook, Amazon, YouTube, as well as countless other easily found websites which conventional search engines will point you to. Beyond that, you have the Deep Web a secure section of the internet hidden from basic search engines run by Tor Servers.

These Tor Servers encrypt the information and allow it only to be accessed using a special web browser, typically a Tor Browser is used. Although, even if you have the Tor browser you need to have access to the web addresses of these hidden sites which are often quite hard as most of these websites operate on stealth, thus one must already have an inside knowledge of what they are looking for to log into these websites. The Deep Web has many uses, not all are nefarious; some countries use the Deep Web to subvert overtly strict governmental policies.

Dark Web and Deep Web explained in 5 Minutes

Below the upper layers of the Surface Web and the Deep Web, you have the truly sinister and nefarious section of the internet known as the Dark Web, allegedly known for housing black markets; drugs, documents, weapons, etc, human trafficking, contract killers, and much more. The Dark Web has given fuel to many urban legends as well as cautionary tales. One cursory Google search of the term “Red Room Dark Web” will provide horrifying claims of torture, murder and depraved sex acts which are fueled and funded by anonymous viewers who tune in to watch these atrocious acts via webcams. This portion of the internet is so vile and alarming that it is highly advisable to avoid, although, those that still wish to access this area of the internet can do so using the Tor Browser and searching for these hidden URLs.

Whether the often horrific stories of the Dark Web are true is debatable, regardless it is often better to air on the side of caution than dive headfirst into the depths of the frigid abyss.

The Dark Side of the Web

Warning: The article is written to provide knowledge about deep web and dark web. We don’t encourage or recommend it by any means. We are not responsible for any problem you get into or caused by you.