There has been a landmark quantum physics breakthrough after physicists believe they might have found a particle that is matter and anti-matter. This was a theory that had come to light more than 80 years ago.

Big Bang Explosion Created Equal Amounts Of Matter And Anti-Matter

Scientists have said that when the universe was created by the Big Bang it was made from nothing and the explosion is thought to have created the same amounts of matter and anti-matter. The theory has been that if the two should meet both would be annihilated by the other and this would leave them as nothing, except a burst of energy.

A theoretical physicist from Italy, Ettore Majorana, gave a prediction in 1937 that a strange class of particles would exist by the name of fermions; he said that they would be their own anti-particles.

Particles Named Angel Particles After Dan Brown Book Angels And Demons

Now researchers have said that they may have found evidence of this and they have given it the named of Angel Particle, based on the book Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. This is a book that features a bomb that has been constructed using matter and anti-matter.

Stanford University physicist, Shoucheng Zhang, talked about how such an experiment to locate the particle might be carried out. He said that the team had predicted just where to locate the Majorana fermion and also what to be on the lookout for in regards to the smoking gun experimental signature. He went on to say that the discovery had now concluded what had been a very intensive search in fundamental physics, which had gone on for 80 years.

Proof of the existence of fermions may be able to help the technological revolution that has been promised by quantum computers. These are computers that have a great deal more power than other computers in existence. Their development has been limited though as the quantum computer has to be insulated from any environmental noise.

Scientists Call Research a Breakthrough

It has been suggested that information of a single qubit might be stored in two Majorana fermions. If so, if any interference were to affect the information in one of them, the other would be able to ensure its safety. Scientists have now hailed the research as a breakthrough. Theoretical physicist Professor Frank Wilczek, a Nobel laureate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology said that it seemed a clean observation of something new. He went on to say that it was not fundamentally surprising due to the fact that for a long time physicists have thought that the Majorana fermions might come from the types of materials that had been used in the experiment.

However, several elements had been put together that had up to now never been put together. The professor said that engineering things allow the new type of quantum particle to be observed in a robust and clean way and that is a real milestone.

Stanford University professor Tom Devereaux said that the research is the end of a race of many years to locate the Majorana fermions and this is a landmark in the field.