On the USSR state emblem there was a monstrous mistake haven’t been noticed for 14 years!

Almost every person in the world is familiar with the USSR state emblem. Its main elements, as you know, are the hammer and sickle, personifying the communist ideology. Nevertheless, from the very beginning of the history of the Soviet Union, the main symbol of the country was drawn with a blatant mistake.

Have you noticed that it’s not right?

In the USSR state emblem, approved in 1923, the sickle was incorrectly drawn.

On the most important symbol of communism, the handle was inverted. The thickened part of it for convenience, in fact, is located below.

For what reason did this incident occur?

The artist, most likely, drew a sickle from nature, and for this purpose he was provided with an unusable copy of the sickle.

However it was, the wrong sickle was replicated on all official documents, banknotes and signs. Only in 1937 this error was corrected.

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