Scientists Opened The Coffin Of The Lord

Archaeologists received an answer to the question over which they racked their brains for decades
For many centuries, the tomb of Jesus Christ has not changed, it has remained intact, but scientists can not yet say with certainty that this is the true place of his burial.

According to archaeologist Fredrik Hibert, the location of the tomb has not changed.

“We can not say 100%, but it’s like visual proof that the location of the tomb has not changed over time – the question that scientists and historians have been thinking about for decades,” the archaeologist said.

At the same time, the former chief archaeologist of Jerusalem, Dan Bakhat, stated that it is impossible to declare with absolute certainty the authenticity of this place as the burial place of Christ. However, according to him, “there is no other object in relation to which it would be possible to state this at least with the same reasons.”

The marble slab that covered the coffin of Jesus Christ in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem was lifted for the first time since 1555.

According to the Christian faith, the body of Jesus Christ rested on a stone funerary Lodge in a limestone cave after the crucifixion of the Romans in 30 or 33. The coffin of the Lord is enclosed in the Cuvuklia – a dome chapel of yellow-pink marble in the center of the Rotunda of the Resurrection of Christ Square, six by eight meters high. Because of the earthquake in 1927, only a part of the walls of the cave and the entrance have been preserved, so reinforcing steel beams and screeds are installed outside.

Analysis of the original rocks will allow scientists to study in detail the burial place of Jesus Christ. They will not only be able to learn the original form of the tomb, but also to find out why Saint Elena, who conducted excavations in Jerusalem, decided that Christ was buried here.