They Will Survive In The Nuclear War. They Will Replace Humans After Global Catastrophe. You Won’t Believe Who They Are

It will outlive all other organisms on Earth if global catastrophe take place.

Studies have shown that Tardigrada will exist on Earth at least another ten billion years, which is significantly more than the human race and other species. In 2007, researchers found that Tardigrada can survive after a long stay in space and even proliferate in complete weightlessness and lack of food and water.
Named animal that survives all. You will be surprised - 181,490 photo

Notably, 18 percent of their DNA “borrowed” from other organisms – bacteria, extremophiles, plants, fungi and archaea. Last year cryobiologists revived two creatures who spent three decades in the frozen Antarctic mosses in a state of anabiosis. After thawing, they were able to continue the genus.

Recently, scientists discovered that cells of these creatures contain unique proteins that protect them from lethal doses of radiation. Armed with these facts and knowledge that cosmic disasters can threaten the Earth, the researchers decided to find out what can destroy them.

Named animal that survives all. You will be surprised - 181,489 photo

Researchers believe that their vitality repeatedly demonstrated during ground and space experiments are assuming serious argument about life on other planets.