For decades now Roswell, New Mexico has remained one of the legendary sites that could very well have been visited by aliens from another planet.

The reason is that in July of 1947 there were numerous reports in the area of a UFO sighting. Many believed that the object in questioned crash landed somewhere around a U.S. Air Force Base operating in Roswell known as Area 51.

Some individuals even found unexplained debris in fields, and the speculation grew that the area was visited by alien life forms. However, the military in a public statement told everyone that the object and the debris were from a weather balloon. But this didn’t put an end to the speculation, yes some were quick to buy the explanation while others suspected a cover-up was going on and that aliens did crash on earth.

Now a video that has surfaced online points to the fact that those who believe the military was involved in a cover-up at Roswell could be true. The video seems to show military personnel carrying something on a gurney.

At closer range, we see what appears to be an alien life form on that gurney. Now the video is in black and white; it is also fuzzy at times, so it is hard to make out things at times. Let’s remember if this is indeed authentic it was filmed back in 1947 when advanced filming technology wasn’t around. So where did this film come from and who actually got the footage? A good question could it have been someone on the base who perhaps wanted the truth to come out all these years later or as some would probably say it’s a doctored video and not authentic. Yes, there were still be those refusing to believe what is right in front of them.

Despite the denials and naysayers over the years though the legend of Roswell and what happened there has grown. Perhaps with good reason, the universe is a vast magnificent place. There are billions of galaxies, and we have just begun to scratch the surface as to what as well as who is out there among all those stars. This is why for decades now authors, ufologists, and researchers have stood by the claim that no only are we not alone in the galaxy, but we have been visited by other life forms through out history.

Yes, some could dispute the video of the alien from the crash at Roswell being carried off. Especially since a good portion of similar type videos has been proven to fake or doctored p. But there is always that chance that in a sea of false videos about alien life forms there is always that chance that one that is authentic will also pop up.