Footage has emerged online of what many UFO researchers are referring to as an alien ‘megaship’ which was spotted on the NASA live feed of the region of space in proximity to the International Space Station (ISS).

The mysterious object in question was first spotted by a YouTube user who operates under the handle of StreetCap1 who was monitoring the live stream of the ISS at the time.

Cigar shaped ‘megaship’ spotted on ISS feed

“I thought I saw things, ” he wrote underneath the video in which a distinctive cigar shaped UFO can be seen hovering over the horizon of Earth in the region close to the space station. After he took screenshots and selections of the feed and uploaded them to his YouTube channel his images caused something of an internet storm, with some eagle eyed viewers noting that there were some peculiar orbs positioned underneath the supposed ‘megaship’ in the video.

StreetCap1 noted that he had to be very quick when it came to taking pictures of the mysterious object as the live stream immediately dimmed and became poorer in quality almost as soon as the presumed craft appeared on screen. UFO researchers claim that this is a regular tactic employed by NASA or other agents to ensure that the general public is not given clear images of alien visitors to this solar system.

The video caught the attention of Tyler Glocker, the creator of the Secure Team 10, who has a great deal of experience when it comes to UFO sightings. He said that it is very clear that there are ‘anomalous objects’ in the video including the long cigar-shaped UFO and reflective looking orbs. He said that it was very likely that while NASA released these low image resolution photographs to the public that they had their own high-resolution images which they were keeping for their own inter-departmental analysis.

According to Glockner, it is not unusual for mysterious objects such as the one spotted in this video to appear on the ISS live feeds. He claims to have seen UFOs on numerous occasions after monitoring hundreds of sessions of these particular feeds. However, despite the regularity of these incidents, NASA and the other space agencies that operate out of the ISS generally refuse to address the issues or to make comments to the public about what the objects could be.