SHOCKER: Some Believe That “Reptile Elite” Is Running The USA…Do You?

4% Believe That A “Reptile Elite” Is Running The United States Of America…Is It True?Seriously How Do People Come Up With This Stuff? Is it Worse Than the Illuminati?

An unbelievable 4% of registered American voters believe “lizard people control our societies by gaining political power,” according to a 2013 Public Policy Poll. Who are these people, and how did they develop this bizarre belief?

Perhaps the scariest thing about all this is that one of these believers is highly respected by President Donald Trump. And that man is conspiracy theorist and general wackjob Alex Jones.

“I warned Mr. Trump to be careful of shape-shifting reptilian aliens trying to infiltrate his campaign,” said Jones on his radio show “Info Wars.” “I believe that many of Hillary Clinton’s health problems are down to the fact that her reptilian DNA is having a hard time adapting to our environment.”

The idea that our world leaders, elite artists, and famous actors are in actuality shape-shifting reptilian creatures from outer space is perhaps most popularized by former BBC sports reporter and British soccer star David Icke.

Icke may have been beaned one too many times in the head with that football, because his book, The Biggest Secret, outlines this ridiculous theory in great detail. The book reports that some members of the British royal family are blood-drinking, flesh-eating reptiles.

Icke, who at one time insisted on being called Son of God-Head, calls the reptiles “Annunaki” and claims that have controlled the planet since ancient times. They may even be responsible for the Illuminati.

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