Christians Ask Facebook To Add A New LIKE In The Form Of A Cross

A Christian activist from the United States started a Facebook campaign with a call to developers to add a cross, which would symbolize LIKE.

So, activist Joshua Feierstein, from the United States, has launched a Facebook campaign for a new cross symbol, reports WestNews with a link to Espresso.

This became a reaction to the fact that in June this year, the social network added a “rainbow” flag in honor of the struggle for the rights of the LGBT community.

Facebook page of Feywerstein has 2 million followers. For a week, his post gained more than 28,000 likes and other reactions and about 9,500 shares.

At the same time, in the comments to the petition, a real religious debate unfolded: if you add a cross, then according to logic, we need symbols of other world religions, such as the crescent and the star of David.

Posted by Joshua Feuerstein on Sunday, June 25, 2017