Incredible Photos of Transparent Object in The Sky Over Kaufman, Texas

While driving on the Highway 175 close to Kaufman in Texas the witness noticed a shiny object within the sky. At first he thought it was a plane however there was no sound and strange enough the object didn’t move.

He quickly took two repeat photographs of the shiny object before it suddenly was gone.

After looking the photographs he was shocked at what appeared in the photos what looks like a transparent vehicle. The photographs were taken last yr, July 19, 2016 and submitted to Mufon, case 84792.

Note: It reminds me the stunning image captured by a resident of Vienna in Austria in 2014 of a huge transparent vehicle floating above the clouds for two minutes before it was gone.

Some time ago, Airbus has unveiled its vision for flight in 40 years’ time that includes see-through walls, holographic gaming and morphing seats however in this case it seems unlikely that the photographer captured photographs of such a transparent plane of the future or it must be the transparent car still is in its development phase.