Bizarre occurrence at one of the world’s most mysterious places leaves experts stunned

A bizarre new occurrence has thrown one of the world’s most mysterious places into more darkness.

The Bermuda Triangle, that is popularly known as the Devil’s Triangle is the loosely-defined region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean that has puzzled even the best of experts for years as a number of aircraft and ships are said to have disappeared there under mysterious circumstances.

While many reputable sources dismiss the idea that there is any mystery, popular culture has attributed various disappearances to the paranormal or activity by extraterrestrial beings.

The internet is flooded with a lot of documented evidence indicating that a significant percentage of the incidents were spurious, inaccurately reported, or embellished by later authors.

Now, reports reveal that a new island has formed in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle and with the mysterious occurrence raising interest in the region worldwide, visitors fascinated by the Triangle’s deadly history have been warned of trying to visit the new island.

Experts have also warned that the rip tide is incredibly strong and anyone that visits the region may well end up in a watery grave.

Further, sharks and stingrays are also said to be patrolling the waters.

According to Bill Smith, president of the North Carolina Beach Buggy Association, said, “We’re worried about shark bites, but we’re more worried about drownings.”

According to reports, the mile-long sandbank began to show itself in spring and since then has developed into a fully formed small island.

The region has been dubbed Shelly Island by locals, due to the number of shells on its sandy shores.

The newly-formed land is said to be just off Cape Point in North Carolina, U.S.

To the east of the new island is Bermuda and just below that is one of the most heavily travelled shipping lanes in the world – the Bermuda Triangle.

Bermuda Triangle is one of the most heavily traveled shipping lanes in the world, with ships frequently crossing through it for ports in the Americas, Europe, and the Caribbean islands.

Cruise ships and pleasure craft regularly sail through the region, and commercial and private aircraft routinely fly over it.