These 4 Terrifying Archaeological Discoveries Will Make You Want To Burn Your History Books

Yes, archaeology is critical to our understanding of how civilization and mankind evolved. But sometimes, archeologists dig up stuff that we would rather not know about. These are four examples. (Continue reading at your own risk.)
1) These bones belonged to a farmer from northern Europe. They’re astonishingly well-preserved thanks to a lack of oxygen and high acidity. However, it is unlikely that this man–and much more like him– died of natural causes. Archeologists have determined that many of these people were killed as part of a ritual.

2) Archaeologists discovered thousands of small bones in an ancient Byzantine sewer in Israel. They determined that the bones belonged to unwanted children of the women who worked at the brothel above the sewer.
The bones were all male bones as little girls could be brought into the business, while boys were just a hindrance.

3) Archaeologists in Dorset, England were shocked when they discovered this pit of 54 Viking warrior corpses.
After some investigation, they discovered that the skeletons had been divided into piles according to the body part and they believe that the warriors were beheaded as part of a sacrificial ritual.

4) Archeologists found that screaming mummies like this one weren’t buried alive or tortured, as their faces suggest, but they were just poorly wrapped. Without a secure tie around the jaw, the mouth naturally falls open during decomposition and is twisted into a rictus of horror.