Human-Sheep Hybrid in Africa and Similar Births Around the World

Witchcraft, bestiality or disease, the residents of Eastern Province South Africa were shocked on learning of a mysterious birth in the faming town of Lady Frer on June 2017.

The creature, which was born from an ordinary sheep mother, was speculated to be a human-sheep hybrid. In contemporary terms, they are known as caprinids. The stillborn baby, in this case, had a head that is rounded with a jaw like a human’s, contrary to that of a lamb. It does not appear to have any wool covering but just bare skin. The location of the limbs are more that of a human newborn that of a lamb.

Officials from the Eastern Cape Department of Rural Development sent out experts to carry out tests after news and pictures of the creature spread like wildfire causing panic through the community.

What caused the birth? Supersitious villagers believe that the monstrous birth was caused by witchcraft and elders baptized  the creature as demonic. Others, opine that the creature was a product of bestiality.

Image from Youtube.

However, Dr Lubabalo Mrwebi the local Chief Director of Veterinary Services reported that the findings were inconclusive of a sheep-human hybrid. He explained that a sheep cannot mate with a human due to the difference in the number of their respective chromosomes – a sheep has 29 pairs chromosomes while a human has 23 pairs. He futher explained that the deformity was most likely caused by a viral infection during the early stages of the sheep’s pregnancy, specifically, the Rift Valley Fever virus brought on by mosquitoes prevalent in the area at the time the lamb was conceived.

This is not the first case of an apparent human-animal hybrid. Scattered all over the world are recent documented cases of chimera-like creatures usually born of sheep or goat mothers.

On April 22, 2016, in a farming town in Malaysia, a human-like baby was born alive of a goat mother. It died soon after birth.

Photo Credit: The Star

In late 2010, another sheep gave birth to a lamb with a human face near Izmir, Turkey. The mutation was theorized to be the result of too much Vitamin A in the mother sheep’s diet.

Image from Youtube

In January of 2012, in Sokoto, Nigeria,  another human-sheep cross like baby was discovered during an operation on a pregnant sheep.

Photo Credit: Sun News Nigeria

In September of 2012, in Jahun, Nigeria,  a woman gave birth to a baby with the lower body of a goat. Its feet had hooves!

In 2014, a goat in southern India gave birth to two stillborn kids that had human features. One of the kids looked 70% like a human baby. The eyes, nose and mouth resemble a human baby. Even the limbs are like that of a human. Only ears and foot were those of a goat.

Photo Credit: India Deccan Chronicles

Classical mythology speaks of a virile caprinid creature, the Satyr with goat-like features. They are creatures of vice which are often drunk and chasing after nymphs.