People Are Saying This Snowboarder’s GoPro Footage Has Captured Proof Of Aliens

Athletes that take up extreme sports like snowboarding and mountain biking will usually use GoPros to catch all of their epic trick and stunts. However, what this guy caught was a lot more than just a cool flip in the middle of the mountain.

YouTube user Shreds1620 only wanted to show off his awesome snowboarding moves while shredding the slopes in Aspen, Colorado. However, it all changed when he saw an unidentified flying object appear in the sky.

Once you notice the strange object you might start asking yourself if maybe we’re not as alone in this planet as we think we are. With a shape like that, it couldn’t be some sort of plane. It has to be something else!

Though it’s unclear what the thing is, people have already jumped to the conclusion that it might be proof of alien lifeforms. With so many theories circulation around the footage, it was sent to an alien sighting channel called ‘Secure Team 10’.

The video was uploaded to YouTube and it now has over 153,000 views. In the description section the YouTube user wrote the following:

‘At 2:16 of the video a massive anomaly enters my camera frame and seems to just observe me until I pick my way down through the rock strewn chute. As soon as I ride away, it seems to quickly move out of the picture. I have no idea what it is, but it looks of another galaxy.’

Other YouTube users have suggested it might just be a helicopter. However, Shreds1620 says it can’t be because he didn’t hear any helicopter noises when he was boarding.

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