The “Alien Megastructure” Star Is Flickering Again

Late in 2015 it was reported that Tabby’s star (KIC 8462852) was seen exhibiting massive dips in it’s brightness. This phenomena is extremely un-natural and could indicate a wide range of possibilities. It could be an object blocking the star’s light path to Earth, some unknown process going on with the star itself that would cause it to rapidly flicker, or any number of other untold theories.

Early explanations included swarms of comets, an explanation of middle aged F-Type stars, and the actual breakup of Tabby’s star itself.

The star is named after Dr Tabetha Boyajian who authored the first study on this unusual event. Recently, both Boyajian and Jason Wright have pointed out that the star is once again dipping, causing an uproar in the astronomical community:

Could a disintegrating planet be causing the apparent dimming of Tabby’s star?


As explained, we have a wide range of possibilities for what could be causing this phenomena. But, there’s a catch – not one of these theories truly seems plausible. In order for this event to be caused by comets, a significant and never before seen amount of debris would need to be surrounding the planet – which does not make sense as Tabby’s F-Star classification is seen as stable. The ‘Alien Megastructure’ argument has no supporting evidence either, as we’ve yet to detect any unusual heat fluctuations from the event itself.

An artist impression of a Dyson Sphere, the alien-made object theorized.

Scientists, astronomers, and the public will be left guessing as to the origin of the flicker until we get some concrete evidence of it’s source.