For many years, claims about secret Nazi military and research bases located in the harsh terrains of the Arctic and Antarctica were dismissed as fantasy. In fact, these claims were seen as so ridiculous that when a Russian expedition team from the Russian Arctic National Park claimed that they had discovered one of these bases on the island of Alexandra (approximately a thousand kilometers from the North Pole) they were largely ignored.


However, there can no longer be any doubt that these secret bases really did exist as the Russian team who came across the base have released video evidence of over five hundred differently artifacts uncovered from the Nazi bunker. The ruins of the base itself as well as materials and paper documents can be seen to be fairly well preserved because of the intensely cold conditions that they were kept in.

The Russian team says that the base was referred to as ‘Treasure Hunter’ and it was built in 1942, just one year before the Nazis launched an assault in Russia. It is believed that the base was not used for a particularly long period and that it had to be evacuated of all personnel in 1944 after an illness broke out. It is believed that the disease was caused by personnel members eating contaminated polar bear meat. Mysteriously, in 1950 – several years after the end of the Second World War and the fall of the Third Reich, someone returned to the base and destroyed it. Who could have done this and why is still a complete mystery to investigators.

 The team is not entirely sure what the purpose of this secret Arctic base could have been for the Nazis, but they have some avenues to pursue. It is known that the Nazis were particularly interested in archaeology which they often used to sustain their ideology of Aryan supremacy, so it is possible that they were looking for evidence of a lost Aryan civilization in the Arctic. More bizarrely, the Nazis were also interested in occult or holy items that they believed would grant them power – including the highly mythologised Holy Grail. Could it be that this is what they were seeking under the ice? Or could it be that they were looking for evidence of hidden ancient technologies in the Arctic region? All of these theories are plausible in light of the Nazis’ other wartime expedition activities.
For now, it all remains a mystery but the team, along with other experts have every intention of getting to the bottom of it.