Over the years reports of UFO sightings have been reported by individuals in the world. There have also been former CIA agents who have come forward revealing information about the incident at Roswell and Area 51.

However, some of these reports have been laughed at by nonbelievers who feel that these individuals are just trying to get fifteen minutes of fame by giving stories. But what if it was someone who was dying who was revealing such a story? In other words, a death bed confession.


Let’s face it when a person is dying they tend to tell all they know if they feel the public has a right to know, after all, what is left for them to lose? Turns out this is exactly what happened, a CIA agent who worked under the Eisenhower Administration has now come forward to tell all in an online interview. Although this man has chosen to remain anonymous no doubt to protect those he leaves behind after death, he did indeed tell what he was privy to when it came to the notorious place known as Area 51.

In the video that is now available online this man close to dying discussed in grave detail about the activities on this base that many in the public over the decades have suspected. This included the alien autopsy that also somehow leaked out. So, why would there still be a cover-up if there was already those who suspected we had been visited by aliens from other planets? Maybe to prevent mass panic, maybe not to lose creditibility with those who chose to cling to the belief that there were no aliens out there.

But over the years, the irony is that even those in higher positions have had to disculose more to the public. Perhaps because technology was getting us to the point where there was just to way to try to keep people in the dark any longer. Yes, now there are reports such as the one from NASA that now says that there is a possibility that there is life forms out there as close as on the moon Enceladus which is now being deemed habitable. Astronomers have now reported to the actual public that there are many planets out there beyond our solar system that could be habitable. But notice that so far none have wanted to come out and say yet that there is proof of aliens from other planet. That includes the crash at Roswell and Area 51.

Again, why, the public isn’t dense about this. Over the centuries many have suspected this, and some have been revered for the theories they have had that we are far from alone in this vast galaxy, these individuals include notable author Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking. The thing is those of us who were open to the idea of life on other planets have always believed these visitations to be true, and suspect all along there was a cover-up. The thing is the truth is out there, well online that is in many places including wikileaks where many documents can be found. For further proof the very detailed video of a dying former CIA agent can also be viewed, and it is hard to dispute the words of a dying man.