Police Transport UFO Through Area 51 In Jaw-Dropping New Footage

Either E.T. phoned the AA or something seriously fucked up is going down in Nevada.

Aliens not only exist but are actually being ferried around the US by top secret government officials.

Or at least, that’s the implication of new footage uploaded to YouTube by conspiracy theorist vlogger Andries Riphagen.

The clip, which Riphagen claims was filmed near Area 51 in Nevada , shows a convoy of police cars driving along with what appears to be one giant flying saucer.

Could the vehicle be some sort of top-secret government spy plane? Possibly, with many previously claiming that much of the supposed UFO activity witness in the area is actually part of covert tests being conducted by the US military.

Then again, it could just be proof of some secret alliance between US government officials and alien beings.

In this scenario, it’s possible that the alien involved broke down in his UFO and simply gave some of his human friends a call for a tow.

Or something like that anyway.

It’s not the first time the loaded team has had their collective minds blown by bizarre footage featuring supposed beings from an alien world.

For example, the was the clip of a super-tiny alien walking down the street in Chile the other day.

And let’s not forget that weird aerial shot of a ufo parked up behind a US government facility.

In fact, the latter of those two would certainly chime along with these revelations.

Maybe the truth is out there.

Then again, maybe we’ve just had too much coffee today.