The Sumerians and the Old Testament: Mysteries.They have discovered it thousands of years ago.They are more advanced than us ! NASA you are too late

When reading the history of the Sumerian people, anyone created within Christian circles will have that sense of „I have seen something like this somewhere.“ And he saw it in the Bible, and several stories found in the Old Testament were already recorded in cuneiform tablets. (Eg, the Sumerian clay), an example of the creation of man made of clay by God and the narrative of original sin.In the British Museum there is a stamp with this representation dated from the middle of the 3rd century BC

The figure shows a tree (which would be the apple tree) Between a man, a woman, and a snake, an animal abundant in the swampy and muddy areas of Sumer, King Sargon may also have been quoted in the Bible, but by another name: Moses. As the king of the Hebrews, Sargon would have been conceived in secret , Played in the waters of the Euphrates in a basket as a baby and found by a family.But the most proven quotes are in relation to the  flood.

The legend about it may have originated in a large flood of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers in the fourth millennium BC. The flood would have been provoked by a storm of proportions never seen and aggravated by the advance of the sea on the coast. At the time, the waters of the ocean entered the Persian Gulf about 230 kilometers more than these days. The contours of the coast were also altered by sandstorms and silting of the region. In addition, petrified remains of 3-m-thick mud clumps were found at altitudes above sea level and major rivers. The Sumerian Real List, a text that lists the various dynasties since the beginning of time, makes mention of the pre-and post-Flood realities. The account of this list resembles the biblical text. „A god decides to save mankind from the flood by choosing an elect to whom he instructs to build a boat, where his family, possessions and animals must be placed.“

Marduk (who relates to Yahweh to the Hebrews), protagonist in the Creation, appears to us also connected with the ziggurats – the famous Babylonian towers, the best known being Babel. They were huge cylindrical towers in general of seven floors, whose diameter diminished with the height and were the essential base of the temple.

The mention in the Bible in Genesis (XI, 1-9) of the tower of Babel refers, according to some authors, to the zenith of Etemenanki (the term means „house“, foundation of heaven and earth), belonging To the temple of Marduk, in Esagil, in Babylon.

Let there be light!

The laws and rules of the Sumerians were designated by me. There was me to regulate society, for production and various tasks. Those were written on clay plates. In the myths we observe that for the Sumerians Enki (father of Marduk) was regarded as a creator, the Creator, in uttering, by the act of saying. To give the name is to create the thing. Where have we seen this? The book of Genesis certainly has other roots here …!


The Deuteronomic school attempts to encapsulate more nationalistic and patriotic attitudes in the scriptures (purity, historical information hygiene), rewriting and reorganizing the ancient tales and encouraging their replication. Manipulating.
The meaning of Deuteronomics, it should be added, is that of those who make the copies, the replications, the second ways of the sacred texts. They were responsible for the authorship of the books Deuteronomy, Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings – in addition to the revision of the previous books since Genesis.
These people were nationalistic, monarchical, centralizing. They functioned as an advanced wing of the Pharisees, the most traditional class of Hebrew society.

Biblical Mysteries in the Sumerian Texts

Basically, the legacy of the Sumerian knowledge reveals that the Earth, originated through the collision of two gigantic celestial bodies, Nibiru and Tiamat. The writings state that Nibiru, a reddish planet (which was once sighted by NASA and is now being called the „planet X“) was diverted from a binary system millions of years ago and captured by the gravity of our Sun.

Sumerian plates have accurate information about the planets of the solar system. The most impressive are the data on Pluto (planet that was only discovered in 1930). They knew the size of Pluto, its chemical and organic composition, and asserted that Pluto was actually a satellite of Saturn that „shed“ and gained a new orbit. They called the moon a pot of lead and said that its core was an iron ‚gourd‘. During the Apollo program, NASA confirmed these data … Could this knowledge be possible 3,000 years ago?