This guide will dramatically increase your chances of having a ‘close encounter!’

Kim Jones, the writer of At the Proof of Aliens website, has formulated an excellent list of ways to greatly boost your chances of being abducted by aliens. Reports of alien abductions have come from millions of people throughout the world since the late 1950s and most of the claims have several notable connections which include:

  • Hours of unaccountable time
  • Memory gaps
  • Unexplained injuries/scars/implants
  • Bewilderment
  • Issues related to reproduction
  • Additional post-traumatic stress problems

The abduction reports generally involve a craft onboarding and then into an operating room of some kind where different intrusive medical operations are performed. Fortunately for a few with alien abduction desires, the aliens aren’t discriminatory; women, men, and children, despite age, culture, or religious beliefs have all reported abduction.


Here is a synopsis what Kim Jones wrote on how to increase the likelihood of an extraterrestrial abduction:

1. Buy a home in the states where UFO sightings are most prevalent: California, Florida, or Wisconsin. These places are thought to be the favorite places of aliens and living there will, therefore, raise the chances of abduction.

2. According to ancient alien theorists, aliens are all around. Speaking highly of them and expressing the desire to be abducted by them will gain the alien’s attention. Who knows? Maybe the normal looking guy at a restaurant is an alien in disguise and looking for a new human specimen to operate on.

3. It is said that aliens love dark areas for carrying out their kidnappings. A lot of time spent in places like forests, wheat fields, countrysides, mountains, etc. Would be ideal.

4. The fields of Wiltshire in Southern England are said to be beloved by aliens for generating crop circles which are their way of communicating with humans.

5. Signals can be transmitted to outer space through a homemade radar and anyone is capable of this. Sending signals to aliens makes them aware of one’s interest in making contact with them, which they would otherwise not know.

6. Wearing a Halloween costume of an alien may catch the eye of an actual extraterrestrial who may be in the mood for a hasty tour of their planet.

7. Reading about aliens as often as possible is key. An alien is more likely to abduct a human that knows a lot about them because they would prefer interaction with an educated human being.

8. SOS signals with strong laser torches should be sent immediately if a bright light is seen in the sky to draw the aliens’ attention. However, be careful not to disturb the creatures by using too strong beams of light.

9. Aliens are interested in seizing humans for serious purposes (physical examinations with multiple probes and machines) so stay open to being experimented on. Since alien’s can read minds through telepathy, one most genuinely be OK with the alien’s intrusive intentions.

10. Since aliens love to kidnap humans that are terrified and attempt to evade them, learn to twist your face to express a sense of fear. Showing no signs of fear may lead the aliens to believe you are a spy because of willingness to be abducted.

Since there is no way to know what is going on in the mega-intelligent minds of extraterrestrial beings, this list is comprised merely of tips and suggestions to grabbing the attention of aliens and consequentially abducted.