Florida Man Claims Spotting Reptilian Humanoid inside Vehicle, Takes Pictures

Fla. — A motorist in Florida believes he captured the images of a “reptilian alien” who he says was driving a vehicle ahead of him.

The man, who didn’t provide a name, says he was able to snatch a few photographs of the “entity”, which was maneuvering a Kia Spectra last February.

“The rearview mirror, I think, has a reptilian staring back at my camera as I take a pic from my car,” the man reported to MUFON. “I was taking a picture of the huge monster logo decal which I had heard in the news a woman claiming it was a –religious– symbol. They were goofing on the woman in the story on the Howard Stern show. It made me think that lady wasn’t so crazy.”

The series of images show the dark sedan at a stop light somewhere in Florida. The photographer also added an edited picture of a “closeup” of the “alien” face.

“I isolated it and brightened it with contrast for added clarity. I outlined the facial features.”

alien face reptile florida

The “creature’s face”, he adds, contains a pair of eyes with “heavy eyelids” and “weird scaly protrusions” in the middle of the forehead.

The man believes an "alien" was driving this vehicle. Credit: MUFON

An edited photograph shows what the man believes to be an “alien” driving the vehicle. Credit: MUFON

“The folds of skin are in the right places for the eyelids. The right eye reminds me of my cat’s eyes in certain lighting. Also I believe I see a glassy highlight of white light reflection on the lower part of the same eyeball,” he explained. “The eyes and pupils are where I would expect them to be, since they are looking at my hand outside my window holding up my camera.”

And, he says, the “alien” appears to be “frowning”.

“The mouth turned downward and the forehead area looking twisted from stress.”

In 2014, a Bigfoot enthusiast recorded on video what she believed to be a “Bigfoot” creature with a “cloaking” ability. Critics of the footage argued that such “cloaking ability” could be the result of a few moving branches creating an optical illusion when disturbed by a small animal walking by.

The Gestalt effect is the capability of the human brain to generate whole forms when grouping similar objects together. This principle maintains that the human mind considers objects in their entirety before, or in parallel with, perception of their individual parts, suggesting the whole is other than the sum of its parts.

Proponents of the reptilian theory, such as David Icke, suggest a conspiracy involving snake-like alien humanoids that have taken over the Earth. According to its followers, these creatures are involved in daily political decisions affecting governments across the world. They also believe that the “aliens” involved in the “hostile” taking of the planet are capable of  “morphing” or “shapeshifting” at will in order to “deceive” the population.

Last month, a man in Connecticut claimed that a large family of “alien” creatures was living on the trees of his backyard.

In February, a South African woman said that a snake-like creature was living inside her body.

In 2002, a girl reportedly saw a bipedal reptilian creature while camping in northern Virginia. She stated that the unidentified animal looked like “the mix of a horse and a Komodo dragon”.