One of Canada’s top nuclear physicists went on record to admit that aliens are already among us and that they make visits to Earth regularly. Stanton Friedman said that extraterrestrials had visited Earth many times and one day they plan on quarantining people on Earth.

Friedman, 82 years old, said that the government has deliberately been keeping secret evidence of alien visits to Earth, in what he said was part of a truth embargo. The Physicist went on to say that there is enough proof without any shadow of a doubt that Earth is continually being visited by aliens.

Friedman claims that the evidence is being kept from people due to the fact that the world would be in upheaval, as people would find alien visits distressing, and there would be mass panic. He also made it clear that if the aliens wanted people to know they were on Earth, they would.

Part of the proof that Friedman claims are being hidden include CIA files that have been declassified on sightings of UFOs. The physicist believes that aliens want to stop humans colonizing space and he firmly believes that they will quarantine people on Earth to stop humans from venturing out into space.

Friedman said that the track record of humans isn’t good; people are evil and said that the government is taking full advantage of the aliens being on Earth so that they can harness their technology, with the aim of achieving world supremacy. It is the belief of Friedman that the first country able to copy alien technology will be able to rule Earth.

He also pointed out that there was a political aspect to the government keeping aliens on Earth a secret, as the US government would not want to put anything out there if the Chinese or Russians don’t.

Friedman has in the past written extensive documentation on aliens and UFOs, and he said the secrecy was the Cosmic Watergate, which of course was about the cover-up scandal of President Nixon, during the 70s. The physicist tours the world giving talks at conferences and universities about his beliefs, but it seems that there are many skeptics out there who he hasn’t been able to convince.