UFO is Detonated Over San Diego — Chembomb or Secret Military Project?

Many strange events occur all around us on a daily basis without us knowing about them, and it wouldn’t pose a problem unless the general population would be at risk.

Some of us have probably wondered why the conspiracy theorists, the former NASA astronauts, employees, or other people from all around the globe are struggling to divulge all these weird stuff about the reality we live in. I bet we all asked ourselves: Is this legit? Do you think this guy is crazy or in need of funding? Does he have any proof?

These burdening questions have probably made one consider and then reconsider the facts presented, so what key element could unlock a crazy theory and turn it into an actual belief? What could convince me that you are not talking nonsense? Well, it’s quite easy – EVIDENCE.

For a better understanding of this topic, the following video will show how a UFO is detonated over a large populated area of San Diego, spraying it with unknown substances.

The bright orb was deliberately launched from a high altitude and over a densely populated area, full of houses and people. Even if we don’t exactly know its composition, an assumption can be made regarding its content, and because it was secretly launched from afar, the assumption tends to be more negative rather than positive. Could this be part of a mass human experiment?

Considering the aspects discussed in the first part of the article, a lot of stuff is going on while we sit comfortable in our homes, in our cities, with this being only a small part of it. Away from our concrete environment, the sky is much clearer and unaltered by all the chemtrails. Surrounded by darkness and with the right equipment or even with the naked eye, the most bizarre things can be observed over the night sky: from bright orbs hovering over random areas to orbs detonating far from sight. Some people even reported scary encounters with the bright orbs, as Alexander Opanasenko from Russia describes:

I found refuge at my cabin in the mountains after I got tired of all the city fuss. Out here, at about 2,000 meters altitude, I see the world like never before. Many strange UFOs appear during the night, sometimes even in daylight, they manifest in different ways that’s why I think not all of them are related to aliens, but a part of them have to be. Even if I stay here on my own, I have friends who visit me once in a while so they can also confirm about what happened one night when they dropped by.

While we were having a nice chat and a beer over a fire, a luminous orb approached us from the forest. It stood only 100-200 meters away from me and my buddies. We were petrified for the first few seconds, couldn’t move a muscle until Dimitrov whispered to us to run. We took separate ways as we scattered in fear. When I looked back, the bright object the size of a car was gone. That’s when we all understood that we are being watched, surveilled.

Even if this particular event offered no proof in terms of video footage or pictures, we took it into account as an authentic story because Alexander described this with such intensity and with so many relevant details that he led us into believing his story. Apart from this, he had three other friends to back up his claims, friends who paid no attention to the UFO phenomenon until then.

If relevant evidence is shared on the internet, it will be deleted sooner or later if it reaches a large number of people, so how can we rely on the proof if some entities do not allow it to be uncovered? We strongly believe that going outside, doing some research on our own will undoubtedly lead us to the truth.

There is no need for HD video evidence in order to see the obvious, only to open our eyes and to start searching for ourselves. Many strange things are going on literally above our heads, but there is some sort of distortion created using the chem-bombs presented in the video above that doesn’t allow people to have a clear view of what is actually happening up there.