9 Mile Dome City Found on Earths Moon – First Ever Photos of the City of “ Luna ”

These are truly historic times we are living in, as it seems almost daily there are new reports about something pointing to biological life within our solar system, or even entire new planets within our solar system. In many instances, the reports come from our two closest neighbors: Mars and the Moon.

There have been reports for decades going back to the Apollo missions about intelligently designed towers on the far side of the moon, some as large as a 5 miles high and 1 mile thick. Recently I published a post titled: Proof Aliens Forced Mankind Out From the Moon? (Videos), which addresses some of those issues about the moon. On the issue of new planets, it’s hard to ignore posts like, Caltech Researchers Find Evidence of Sitchin’s Planet Xand Mysterious Planet X Visible Every Day of 2016 So Far Only Using Naked Eyes (Videos). 

There have also been some photos of the surface of Mars that are truly cause for wonder. Some articles and reports we’ve seen published, admittedly are ridiculous stretches of the imagination, but others are simply too real to ignore. Take the the following several for example: 

This dome was found by Earths Files Earths History of YouTube. As you can see for yourself this is a dome on Earths moon. Scientists have mislabeled it as a crater, when obviously its a dome. This is mislabeled in astronomy as Harden Crater. I don’t blame the scientists. Its just the way education goes in school.

Learn it our way or the highway. According to Google Moon ruler Harden Dome is 9.2 miles or 14.8 km in diameter. In the NASA photo I can see the domes height is about 20% that of its diameter. Meaning its 1.8 miles or 2.96 km at its center. That is only if its inside floor is equal to the outside level, but I believe the inside may be much deeper.

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