The connection between Planet X, Antarctica and the egyptian pyramids

Few of you know Jean Seimple, but many of you know of his discoveries … The buzz around the Antarctic is partly due to these discoveries. Thanks to the decoding of the message left by the builders of the pyramids he managed to locate two important areas of Atlantis in Antarctica.

He also revealed to us the incredible secret of the Greenwich Meridian, who secretly memorized the position of his two cities after the displacement of the Antarctic continent, after the sliding of the earth’s crust and which caused the deluge, there is more 10000 years ago.

Do not be surprised, there are strange things going on at this moment in Antarctica, since this place is a sacred place of memory and respect for the dead, and the “Heaven” will not allow anyone to soil this place…

But that’s not all, here is a small selection of his discoveries in images.

2022 – Date of the coming cataclysm given by the builders of the pyramid.

Here is what we find in his new book about the Pyramid Apocalypse and Planet X and why those who still doubt should start thinking seriously.

2022 a “sign” in the sky…

According to the forecasts of Larry Molnar and his team, we will observe with the naked eye, in 2022, a luminous red nova in the sky, in the constellation Cygnus also called The Cross… Except this story is very strange…

  • The date of its appearance in the night sky is, according to their calculations, March 2022, and coincides exactly with the message of the Builders.
  • According to their calculations, the probability of predicting this event was 1 in 1 million… Except that no study has accompanied the announcement, which is contrary to the scientific rules generally and particularly those of astronomers

2022 a new red star in the constellation Cygnus.

The team of astronomers claims to have followed this binary star system since 2015… except that there has been no study published.

It is red, the same as transmitted by the Builders…

So is this a sign from heaven or the beginning of misinformation?

From the articles:

However, we should take this study with some caution. We can put aside the fact that it has not been officially published and that the researchers make reference to their own unpublished work of 2015, however, even then their prediction seems a tad risky to Sylvain Chaty who says :

“The evolution they provide is only based on the evolution of the orbital period. The process still depends on too many variables, within the stars: there is the matter of gravitational pull between them that disrupt their orbit and the pace at which they transform their hydrogen into helium.”

The French researcher also believes that basing an extrapolation from what happened to the V1309 Sco star is hazardous.

And finally this date was also given to us secretly by one of the most mysterious secret societies of the united states and that nobody knew the real meaning of this strange emblem, which symbolizes death …

The Skull and Bones which is one of the most secret societies of the Elite in the United States, has for symbol number 322…

The two new discoveries that Jean Seimple has made are quite incredible and will eclipse your previous understanding of the pyramids.

They will soon be revealed as a film or a documentary, meanwhile you can discover incredible information in his book that just came out in the USA.

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There is no commercial interest in these publications since all royalties are to be donated to charity.

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Prepare yourself and God protect you.