Legendary black knight satellite shot down during secret military mission

2 days ago a secret server of Wikileaks was used to upload a huge amount of data coming from an unknown source. Apperently all the document and files were marked with metatags that contained references to the legendary Black Knight satellite.

This mysterious object was discovered by Nikola Tesla back in 1932. He was convinced that this was an alien object put in earth’s orbit to monitor mankind’s evolution.

Yesterday a Youtuber’s account got hacked and this video was uploaded that contains footage of the Black Knight Satellite being shot down. The weapon that was used was an anit matter warhead according to the Wikileaks documents.

It’s unclear who gave the order to bring down this extraterrestrial craft. In the video we also catch a glimpse of the secret aircraft that carried out the attack. After the impact, several escape pods are launched back into space.

In this stage we can only speculate on the reason why the Black Knight Satellite was shot down. Was it about to signal it’s creators to come to earth? Was the Black Knight Satelitte garding the boundaries of space for humans that have the ambition of interplanetary travelling?