Did the u-28 see a sea monster?

The U-28 was a German submarine of the U-27 class, launched to the sea before World War I. He entered service at Kaiserliche Marine on 26 June 1914, with the Kapitänleutnant Georg Freiherr-Günther von Forstner in command.

On July 30, 1915 the U-28 torpedoed the British steam Iberian in the North Atlantic. As the boat sank, something very strange happened. This is the account of the facts that the captain of the submarine did in the logbook:

We were unable to identify the creature, but we all agreed that it looked like a crocodile, which was about sixty feet long, with four ends similar to large patted feet, a long, pointed tail, and a head that Also ended in tip.

Unfortunately, we were not able to take a photograph, as the animal disappeared from view after ten or fifteen seconds. ”

Also not long ago a German submarine that would have been attacked by a sea monster was found off the coast of Scotland.

Discovered near Wigtownshire in the south-west of the country, the wreck of the German submarine of the First World War was identified by workers who were putting a new underwater cable under the North Sea.