Alien Greys Filmed Up Close (The Turkey UFO & Area 51 Footage)

Our Universe is so big that it’s very very hard to imagine how big it’s. It contains billions and billions of stars. Trillions and trillions of planets are orbitting these stars. In many cases these planets could be habitable.

Surely we know that there should be special circumstances in which  life can arise. If we take into account our planet – Earth it’s worth saying that it’s orbiting our closest star Sun in such a distance from it that our planet can keep water in a liquid state that helps to keep all living organisms alive.

If our planet was too close to the Sun as Venus all the water would evaporate from it’s surface and our life in the form we know it couldn’t be possible. If our planet was further from the Sun the water on it’s surface would be in the solid state as it on Mars and the life couldn’t arise in such conditions too.

But it’s worth mentioning that we can judge about conditions in which life is possible only from our point of view; only from the point of view of Earth inhabitants. But who said that any life forms could arise only in conditions that took place on Earth? In my opinion there’s a big possibility to find life in other conditions.

We don’t know how aliens really look like but ufologists fantasize on it. There are a few types of aliens people believe in. One of them is so called grey aliens. I propose you to watch a video proving thir existence.

So do you really believe in aliens existence after watching this video?