Two Americans Aim to Plug Into the ‘Matrix’ through Black Market Brain Implants

According to The Mirror, the two men are looking for a doctor who is skilled enough and willing to propel them into the matrix. The procedure itself has a high risk of failing, since the technology at hand hasn’t been tested before (at least on humans).

If they come out of this alive, the two men will be able to establish a direct communication route with the first forms of artificial intelligence that’s currently available. This “cranial chip” may provide the first step towards creating “the matrix.” If this proves to be successful, the unprecedented advantages will probably tempt others to undergo the same surgery, and eventually have the entire population plugged into this new reality.

Zoltan Istvan, the global leader of the Transhumanist movement and US Presidential candidate, claims to personally know the two matrix innovators, and even more, supports their mission as he is convinced that humans should utilize technology to artificially boost their intelligence and physical capabilities. His vision of the future allows for basic body functions to be stimulated using these futuristic implants that would allow humans to heal or access unreachable functions of the brain. The technology is similar to what DARPA is currently developing for the future soldiers.

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Interviewed by The Mirror, Istvan stated the following: “I have friends who are buying tickets to Central America to perform this kind of surgery. I know two people who are doing this, but it’s secretive because even getting a doctor to do this in Central America is difficult.”

According to Istvan, one of them will try his luck with a doctor from Honduras, while the other will travel to Eastern Europe. Their identities remain undisclosed because otherwise, American authorities could attempt to prevent them from traveling abroad to perform the unusual surgery.

They work in AI and it would be the very first time someone got an implant specifically to use brain waves to connect with rudimentary artificial intelligence,” Ivstan furtherly revealed. “The technology will allow them to carry out basic conversations. That’s how far this telepathy idea has come.

The daring pair of computer geniuses have been preparing for this surgery for over three years, all they are missing now being a skilled doctor to perform the brain operation.

The real trick is finding a doctor to perform this and keeping themselves safe,” Istvan added.

A warning sign has been drawn by certain academics about the possible bad repercussions of such a brain implant and the future of transhumanism. Even the renowned David Icke left the ruling lizard class aside to warn the world about this futuristic technology that may one day shape the world in a nocive direction.

What this has all been heading towards is ‘implantables,’ where the devices are inserted under your skin and start to affect human consciousness from a central grid,” he said. “The people in charge have always been massively outnumbered and their greatest fear is the human race waking up, but once they’re able to alter our thoughts processes from a central computer it’s game over. That’s the biggest threat we’re facing over the next few years.

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