5-Meter Tall Human Skeleton Unearthed In Australia!

An unbelievable find in the sunny Australia – archaeologists have discovered a gigantic 5.3 meters tall hominid specimen in the vicinity of the ancient ruins of the only megalithic civilization on the continent. The fact that it was discovered right there, Professor Hans Zimmer, professor of Archaeology at the University of Adelaide, says, makes the discovery all the more intriguing.1

The professor admits: “The discovery of the Uluru archaeological site last year already took us by surprise, but this new find is just jaw dropping. Theoretically, a five meter-tall hominid cannot exist. How did this occur? How is this possible? Although this discovery is fascinating, we are left with more questions than answers.

This is the largest human skeleton ever found in the history of mankind and even the archaeologists admit that they don’t know what to make of it. The 5 meters tall skeleton raises more questions than it gives answers, professor Zimmer admits.

There have been many theories regarding the incredible height of the specimen, some experts speculating that the most probable cause for the skeleton’s hyper-growth is extreme gigantism, a condition caused by the over-production of growth hormones. But professor Zimmer says these theories are ‘pure speculation’.

Only further research can help us uncover the truth behind this anomaly of nature. Until we have found more skeletal remains, we speculate” he strongly believes.

A team of archeologists from the Australian National University discovered the Uluru archaeological site, back in 2014 which led to the unearthing of a formerly unknown megalithic civilization and experts believe this will help them understand and resolve the problem with the mysterious remains.

John Thomas Buckler, head archaeologist during the 2015 excavation says:

We have unearthed last February a megalithic block that is estimated to weight an approximate 80 tons. The basalt qualities of the monolith are found only 200 km away. How did they move this huge block hundreds of kilometers into the desert, what technologies did this civilization use? We cannot properly answer these questions at the present moment.2

But the main question remains what caused the destruction of the Uluru civilization. According to some experts, a huge catastrophe must have been the reason, turning the entire region from a rich, fertile land into a bare, dry dessert, centuries ago.

Allan DeGroot, a researcher from Sydney explains:

Ferrous deposits are found all over the Australian desert, which possibly proves some sort of meteorite impact in the region. The analysis of geological deposits confirms a large impact in the region between 3,500 and 2,500 years ago. The catastrophic destruction revealed by traces of vitrification and high levels of radiation at the ruins of the Uluru archeological site clearly lead us to believe both events are intimately linked together.