Mysterious ‘Space Capsule from the past’ landed in Arizona (VIDEO)

Panic broke out on the side of a busy interstate highway in Arizona after a number of motorists found what appeared to be the wreckage of a space capsule lying abandoned. Concerned motorists pulled over to assess the scene and immediately decided to contact the authorities of the closest city of Casa Grande. The police promptly attended the scene and reported that the supposed space capsule was attached to a parachute and was labeled with ‘United States and Capt. J. Millard’ and a depiction of the American national flag.


Witnesses at the scene automatically assumed that the capsule had somehow been knocked out of orbit, with many expressing worries that this was a clear sign that the United States was under attack. Rumors immediately began to proliferate about who could be attacking the country. One rumor was that the country was under attack from a foreign country, with the most likely culprit identified as China. In the wake of President’s Trump controversial and aggressive attitude towards the major world power which has a reputation for pre-emptive strikes, it was speculated that China had attacked a military space facility. Others suggested that the space capsule could be a sign of attacks from extra-terrestrials.

As it transpired, the origin of the space capsule wasn’t quite so dramatic as the first shot of World Three or an attack from outer space. After a brief investigation, the Arizona Department of Public Safety found that the space capsule was nothing more worrisome than an expertly made art installation.

A local artist named Jack Millard came forward to claim responsibility for the panic-inducing installation. He said that he had crafted the space capsule construction from the abandoned remnants of a cement mixer. Rather impressively, he added that it had only taken him two days to create the sophisticated art work. “I just get these impulses to create, “Millard said to the press, “It’s a glorified yard ornament.”