Facebook just officially verified a page for the Illuminati

Conspiracy theorists think that the secret society of the Illuminati control many world governments – and may be behind events such as JFK’s assassination.

And now the sinister group with the all-seeing eye logo has its own Facebook page.

A page which claims to be run by the group has just received the official ‘blue tick’ verification from Facebook – with the group’s distinctive pyramid and eye logo.

It says, ‘We are always watching out for you.’

The page announced that it had been verified by Facebook at the weekend, saying, ‘The Illuminati is grateful for Facebook’s dedication to our goals,’ it said.

(Picture: illuminatiam/Facebook)
(Picture: illuminatiam/Facebook)

‘Many pages claim to represent us but are not authorised by our organisation.

Fans of the secretive group which has quietly steered many of the events of human histories can buy pendants and T-shirts with the distinctive ‘all-seeing eye’ logo.