Mysterious Sounds Coming From the Sky Reported All Over the World

It sounded like trumpets, he recalls. It lasted about five seconds. No, it wasn’t coming from the washer. It really came from outside. My girlfriend heard it too.

A week earlier, on the evening of January 3rd, residents in Casablanca, Agadir, Tangier and other Moroccan cities also heard similar strange sounds, ‘coming from the sky.’ Several citizens were able to catch the sound on film and posted recordings on YouTube.

The following day, on January 4th, a British man – Youtube user ‘Stevie B’ – recorded the same kind of sound in Bristol, southwest England

We suspect that these sounds are some kind of transduced extra-low frequency radio waves. While we wouldn’t normally be able to hear them, due to changes in our near-space and the broader cosmic environment, they seem to interact with other electromagnetic factors in, on and around the planet, causing them to be amplified and converted into sound waves.

Although nobody knows for sure what these sounds are, they are almost certainly related to each other, and together they constitute a unique natural phenomenon that had also been described in ancient times.

The Hopi Indians speak of the trumpet sound coming from earth and sky and consider it to be a precursor of the Red Star Kachina – The Purifier. Could this bizarre “trumpet sound” be interpreted as a sign announcing the arrival of the notorious Planet X? Well, if we look at the recent discovery of a ninth planet in our solar system, the Hopi Indians prophecy doesn’t sound so absurd after all.

Other analysts have suggested that the anomalous sounds are emanating deep from within the earth’s crust. Are the ancient beings finally awakening? Or maybe Mother Earth has had enough of us humans and is now preparing to eradicate us?

Whatever the case, we cannot deny the importance of this sign. Something BIG is upon us and more and more people are feeling it. More evidence in the video below filmed in Morocco.