Discover The Mystery Of The Anunnaki Bags

In this short video we hypothesize what the actual purpose of the Anunnaki hand bag seen all over the world may be. I have been researching this topic for almost a decade. Recently I went to see the movie Hidden Figures. It was an amazing movie about how African Americans were some of the first human computers that made the space calculations for satellites and rocket launches before machine computers existed.

During the movie, I noticed Alan Shepard walking to the capsule with a life support bag strikingly similar to some accounts of the Anunnaki handbags seen all over the world. Amazingly, some of the depictions are of Anunnaki actually sitting inside of a capsule still holding the bag. This scene set off bells and whistles in my mind. I truly believe that these depictions are of actual ancient astronauts.

This may be the smoking gun… 

I will be speaking more about this and more at the 6th Annual Mars Conference in May 2017.