An Enormous Mysterious Crack Just Opened Up In The Middle Of The Arizona Desert

A recent geological survey conducted via drone revealed that there is a wide and roughly 2-mile long crack running through the desert in Pinal County Arizona.

Drone footage uploaded to YouTube by the Arizona Geological Survey shows the massive fissure splitting the desert’s surface in the Tator Hills area of southern Pinal County. The film shows people dwarfed by the crack as they stand next to the edge, while the drone flies over the wide-open fissure which extends farther into the earth then the eye can see.

Joe Cook of the Arizona Geological Survey estimates the fissure began forming in 2014 and likely began to emerge after heavy rainfall, notes KVOA. He also noted the southern half of the fissure seems to be newer, perhaps appearing on the surface as recently as 2016

Recently there has been a lot of reports of large crack opening up around the world, such as the ones in South Africa and Antarctica. The frequency of this terrifying issue has been increasing in the past few years. In just the past 12 months, close to 3,000 incidents have been reported. Sinkholes are a major problem with no easy solution. Why is this happening

What is going on with the world?