The Reptilian Statue At Horyuji Temple Nara, Japan

This statue has been removed from the temple and now it is in the private collection in an unknown location, so we have been told.

This type of statues are found all over the world from Asia to the American continent, they represent a race of beings that lived in the past and certainly still live today among the humanity.

Some say that there is a reptilian race that is benign and another malignant that seeks to enslave humanity and use it to feed.

These beings are very intelligent and have the capacity to contact telepathically and to inflame the leaders of the world.

This statue that was in the temple Horyuji Nara, Japan was withdrawn to a private collection and is in an unknown location.

It is not the first time that certain types of art and even bones of giants and strange creatures that defy the logic of educational institutions are taken from the eyes of the general public and hidden.

By Ufomania /