The Strangest Ancient Peruvian Skull Encountered So Far

This mummified head really has me stumped. It was found in an ancient cemetery in the Paracas area of Peru by local people along with 4 other far more human like skulls, and complete bodies I have been told. I was allowed to observe it for about half an hour.

The fingers in the glove at the bottom of the photo above gives you an indication of the size of the head, as well as the fact that the neck is located at the bottom. It is clearly not human, but what is it? What is the strange fold or crease in the center top part of the head?

A dorsal view shows you where the strange crease is, and that the skull is oblong in appearance. Any idea that this is a fake or made prop must be immediately dismissed, as again I have seen it in person, and am a trained biologist.

Could it be the preserved skull of an ancient Peruvian dog? The Chincha culture of the area, that existed prior to the arrival of the Inca up until about 1450 AD had domestic dogs, so it is possible that the Paracas did as well, more than 2000 years ago. More to be learned about this and other finds in the near future.