Michael Jackson Alive & Well In 2016 Info Update On The MJ Death Hoax (VIDEO)

A video that claims to show new images of Jackson taken in a crowd during 2016, has been posted to YouTube. (Scroll down for video update)

The video entitled Michael Jackson appears after seven years (2016) with proof, claims the fallen star could be hiding out in Canada or Africa.

A blurb for the video uploaded by channel Full anxiety Dude, states: “Here is some evidence that Michael Jackson is still alive.

“Here are some 2016 pictures.”



It has clocked up more than 870,000 views.

It starts saying some people say he is still alive and the mystery was sparked by the fact his casket was not left open during the funeral after his death on June 25 2009.

The video shows some historic alleged pictures of Jackson in disguise since his death, but claims to reveal two new ones of “what could be the late star” sat in a crowded audience.

It claims the picture was taken this year, but does not say when or where it was taken.

The video subtitles said: “What do you think now? Some say he is in Canada now, others say he is in Africa