Aliens Give Escort To US President Donald Trumps Plane In Washington DC (VIDEO)

An UFO was seen nearly colliding with the presidential jet itself. As you can see the UFO shot past at such a speed even the camera had difficulty focusing on it.

Fox News was lucky enough to catch it and show it on national TV.

It looks like that aliens have a deep interest in Americas new president and what he has destined for the world. Also a UFO was seen following President elect Donald Trump chopper during one of his campaigns. That UFO was following Donald Trump’s helicopter as it flew in Iowa during one of his election campaigns.

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EVERYONE was talking about what Hillary Clinton might do for UFO disclosure if she was elected US president, but what about Donald Trump now he has made it to the White House, will he order UFO disclosure?

Now an Ufo was seen escorting to US Presidential plane.

Source: Youtube