Steve Quayle: ‘something critical is happening in Antarctica’

Since the inauguration of President Barrack Obama in 2008, world leaders have shown an unusually keen interest in the continent of Antarctica.

Both President Obama and his Vice President Joe Biden made trips to the wintry land along with other prominent world leaders such as the President of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. In addition to that, there has been a lot of building activity in Antarctica recently with countries such as South Korea, China, and India all establishing a fairly formidable presence. But why is everyone suddenly so interested in the inhospitable continent?


Antarctica has no permanent settlements and nor does it has a government. It is primarily visited only by scientific researchers investigating natural weather phenomenon and the environmental changes caused by global warming in the region. While their work may be fascinating, it is surely not a compelling reason for world leaders and spiritual figures to amass on the continent at the rate they have been in recent years. Furthermore, while Antarctica may be rich in valuable minerals, there has been a moratorium on mining in the region which will not be lifted for decades. All decisions relating to the territory will be made at the UN level and not on the continent itself. Therefore there does not seem to be a particularly obvious answer to why Antarctica has suddenly become so attractive to the most powerful individuals in the world.

According to the author Steve Quayle, the answer to this perplexing mystery begins with the Nazi Party.

In his book, ‘Empire Beneath the Ice’ Quayle explained the hidden history of the Second World War. He described how the Nazi Party established a huge and highly secretive presence in both the Arctic and Antarctica. Falling the military feat in the Second World War, the most important and influential members of the Nazi Party, including Adolf Hitler, migrated to Antarctica where they established the Fourth Reich. Here, top Nazi scientists and personnel members, with the assistance of influential people all over the world, established themselves as the most scientifically advanced collective in the world.

While much of the technology developed in these mysterious icy bases is still unknown, it is believed that the Nazi Party have used technology such as CERN to open wormholes or stargates to other galaxies. In doing so, the collective has increased its knowledge and power exponentially. Now, they are sufficiently powerful enough to command a shadow government in all of the most important locations of influence in the world.

According to Quayle, the reason that world leaders have suddenly decided to visit Antarctica is, therefore, clear. Those leaders who have been seen visiting the continent are among the individuals selected by the Nazi Party to act as their agents all over the world.

Image above can be found on Google Earth at coordinates: 69°19’57.71″S 158°52’28.99″E