Ufo disclosure? Trump vows to ‘unlock the mysteries of space’ at inauguration

Trump has vowed to use his now new position to explore the deeper regions of space. Cutting the Mars mission budget by billions and investing into a search for deep space object or similar entities.

“We stand at the birth of a new millennium, ready to unlock the mysteries of space, to free the earth from the miseries of disease and to harness the energies, industries, and technologies of tomorrow.”


Having commented on further exploration of our solar system Trump wants to be the first president to setup a commercial space vacation for the world, setting the standard for deep space trips.

Faster than light travel will be a priority for Trump’s scientific council, much of the Mars manned mission budget will be diverted to this.

One developed, which Trump believes, will be the next decade the human race will leave the earth to colonize else were.

During his term as President also has plans to build a Starship. Yes, a Starship. This Starship will be called the Trump Ship!

Trump will commit billions to the project and complete it over his first term, pledging that in his second term the now soon to be scrapped Mar Mission will take place within the next ten years.

Space exploration has been a childhood passion for Trump and now could be a dream come true. Obama was committed to fixing global warming bet Trump feel resources are best directed to leaving planet earth, the businessman within Trump does not believe in investing money to a lost cause, he would rather invest time, energy and money in a new venture that can be planed and executed the Trump way ensuring a long-term investment will be sustainable.

Trump is always looking for the win, win in every situation see the exploration of space the biggest investment ever made by mankind.

One small step for mankind, one last leap for Donald Trump.

The vice president, Mike Pence, will head up this major Earth project, a man which Trump trusts implicitly. Full control will be given to Mr. Pence and a large proportion of the overall US Budget. It is unlikely to meet budget requirements, and the worry is a new deep depression will unfold, leading to civil war again. Lets hope Trump is the businessman we all hope he is or the next evolution of the human race maybe upon us.

And who knows, maybe he will also release the top secret UFO files held back by the CIA/NSA.

by Lukas Magnuson / source