Wikileaks Set To Reveal US-UFO war In Southern Ocean

Apparently there’s a fierce ongoing battle in Antarctica between UFOs that can travel 25,000 mph and the USA naval forces.

A new report says that an upcoming WikiLeaks release of secret US cables details that the Americans have been “engaged” since 2004 in a “war” against UFO’s based on or near the Continent of Antarctica, particularly the Southern Ocean.

Also in 1947, Admiral Richard E. Byrd led 4,000 military troops from the U.S., Britain and Australia in an invasion of Antarctica called “Operation Highjump”, and at least one follow-up expedition. That is fact. It is undeniable. But… the part of the story that is seldom told, at least in “official” circles, is that Byrd and his forces encountered heavy resistance to their Antarctic venture from “flying saucers” and had to call off the invasion.

But it’s beyond me how we could be in the midst of a raging war with “extremely aggressive” aliens that fly spaceships at 25,000 mph and can manufacture tsunamis.