Zombie cat returns alive 5 days after owner buried it

1. In a storyline straight out of the movie Pet Sematary Bart was dead and buried – literally. But miraculously he turned up alive and well a few days later after being put to rest.

2. The cat with only 8 lives left will apparently be living them out with a new owner if the Tampa Humane Society has anything to do with it.

3. The cat with alien eyes of Instagram fame started having swollen eyes after turning 1 year old due to a genetic disorder known as spontaneous lens luxation.

4. Animal videos are Internet gold, and the latest viral video making the rounds on the web is of a super cute chipmunk name Bikke.

5. The escaped kinkajou pet snuck into the elderly woman’s bedroom in Miami-Dade County on Monday night and was laying on her chest when she woke up.