Aliens arrive on Earth to abduct a man in Puerto Rico and tell of a meteor which is on its way to destroy the Earth.

The first date of initial contract has been reported to be 1988 in Puerto Rico.

This sighting of aliens is one that I ignored since I know that many individuals have been abducted, and none of these abductees have been comprehensively identified. It is also likely that due to misunderstandings these individuals have tried to hide their experiences from all others, but this person in Puerto Rico appears to be an exception to the rule. He has reported it and managed to take photos of military jets flying in the vicinity of the UFO while it took off.

An interesting question then arises. Why is it that a person from Puerto Rico who claimed he was abducted by aliens know about the New World Order way back in 1988? A man named Amaury Rivera Toro who we will nickname ‘Rivera’–stated that he came into contact with aliens in Puerto Rico on May 14, 1988.

Rivera managed to be interviewed in 1991 by Jim Cunningham during the First International UFO Conference at the Riveria Hotel in Las Vegas. He spoke about his alien abduction mentioning the aliens as half-human demon-like beings who used holographic projections. Rivera then produced photos of a UFO and a fighter jet.

Interesting, if we were to believe in Biblical prophecies, we would consider if the aliens that Rivera encountered were demons and fallen angels or if the hologram he saw was truly a vision of a post-Apocalyptic future like the New World Order agenda.

It will take more investigations to uncover the truth, but it is fascinating to see more evidence appearing regarding alien sightings.

Watch the video for more information on the case:

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