American scientists have found a strange sound from the Mariana Trench

Researchers from the American University with the help of special equipment recorded an unusual sound. According to some sources, the signal came from the depths of the Mariana Trench.

According to the scientists, the sound was recorded by the device, which is lowered to a depth of 1000 meters. Strange signal lasted for about three seconds.

After a long study, researchers found that the sound consists of several parts. It started at a frequency of 38 Hz and ended with a metallic clang with 8000 Hz.

Experts considered the sound was made by whale.  This version is negated by some data.

It is believed that these marine animals emit similar “moans” only in the mating period that occurs in winter, but strange signals from the depths of the ocean were observed during the whole year.

Also, a team of researchers says that metallic clang is not peculiar to the whales.  They still did not find the explanation of the mystical phenomena, but intend to go into another expedition to find the source of the unusual sound.